Essential terms and concepts to help you better understand and utilize the powerful features of the Xumm Wallet platform.
The self custodial wallet application application for iOS and Android developed by XRPL Labs. The app can be used by end users to manage their XRP Ledger account(s) and interact with the "Xumm Platform" (see below) through "Sign Requests" (see below).
Xumm Platform
The platform your application and the Xumm app (iOS/Android) interact with. For developers, the platform offers the ability to send "Sign Requests" (see below) to the platform's "API" (see below). The Sign Request can then be interacted with by Xumm app users.
Xumm API
The endpoints providing features to developers & integrated applications. The API endpoint reference can be found here: but a more convenient way to interact with the Xumm Platform is through our SDK's (packages):
Developer Console
The Developer Console is where you can get your credentials (API Key & secret) and configure your Xumm platform integration. You can find the Xumm Developer Console at
This website:
API Documentation
API endpoint reference:
Sign Request
When you send a call to the Xumm Platform to ask a user to sign a transaction, you are creating a "Sign Request". You are delivering a "Payload" (see below) to the Xumm platform, containing the transaction template you would like the user to sign & possibly some options. You obtain a unique UUID (identifier) to the Sign Request to get real time status updates, Webhooks upon status change & when signed: the on ledger Transaction Hash and signed transaction.
The Payload (JSON formatted) is part of a Sign Request. It contains the Transaction Template to offer to the end user to sign. The Payload matches the formatting, fields & properties of native XRP Ledger transactions, except for the fact that some fields (like Fee, Account, Sequence) can be omitted as Xumm can add these for you.
An xApp is a Web App (HTML, JS, CSS) that can be opened inside Xumm by users, straight from and in Xumm. See xApps ("dApps")
When referred to Frontend, we refer to your frontend: the HTML/JS/CSS application you are building, where you are integrating Xumm as xApps ("dApps")or Browser ("Web3") application.
Whe referred to Backend, we refer to your backend application. If you are building an xApp or Web3 (Browser) app, you may not have and may not need your own backend. If you are building a backend integration (e.g. headless application, backend for your own Frontend application), please see Backend (SDK / API)
The most convenient way to interact with the Xumm Platform is through our SDK's (packages):
JSON Web Token: the authorization bearer as provided by Xumm when using the xApps ("dApps") or Browser ("Web3") flow. Valid for 24h, bound to the Xum App user, you can call the Xumm platform to create Sign Requests & more.
"One Time Token", specific to xApps. Automatically handled for you when using our Javascript/Typescript SDK.