Develop & Test

When building xApps, there are some tools to make building & sharing your xApp easier.

While developing your xApp, you may want to easily test & debug your web application. You may even benefit from live reaload during development. You can expose your local development environment with a tool like or and configure your public URL as your xApp URL.

You can get access to the remote browser console using the techniques explained in the Development & Debugging article.

If you want to share your xApp with a small group of testers or team members, you can ask them for their Xumm Device Identifier (Xumm - Settings - Advanced). You can add up to 10 Device Identifiers as xApp testers, so they can open your sandboxed xApp.

Warning! If you have multiple xApps (e.g. a live version & a test version, pointing to your development URL) please make sure to use the right API Key, otherwise your app can't communicate with the Xumm backend. Also note things like are API Key & user bound.

When you want to develop in your local browser instead of in Xumm, please see the "OTT Replay" section in the Development & Debugging article.

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