get( … )

To get payload details, status and if resolved & signed: results (transaction, transaction hash, etc.) you can get() a payload.

Note! Please don't use polling! The XUMM API offers Webhooks (configure your Webhook endpoint in the Developer Console) or use a subscription to receive live payload updates (for non-SDK users: Webhooks).

You can get() a payload by:

  • Payload UUID

    const payload = await Sdk.payload.get("aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-1234567890ab");
  • Passing a created Payload object (see: Sdk.payload.create)

    const newPayload: XummTypes.CreatePayload = {txjson: {...}}
    const created: XummTypes.CreatedPayload = await Sdk.payload.create(newPayload)
    const payload: XummTypes.XummPayload = await Sdk.payload.get(created)

If a payload can't be fetched (eg. doesn't exist), null will be returned, unless a second param (boolean) is provided to get the SDK to throw an Error in case a payload can't be retrieved:

await Sdk.payload.get("aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-1234567890ab", true)


async Sdk.payload.get (
  payload: string | CreatedPayload,
  returnErrors: boolean = false
): Promise<XummPayload | null>

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