QR Scanning

QR scanning is an engaging way to have users interact with payloads, especially in physical mediums. It is simple, quick, and versatile.

Benefits of QR Scanning:

  • Use Cases: QR scanning is common in retail scenarios or multi-device interactions. It is perfect for physical interaction, Point-of-sale terminals, or when users interact across devices (desktop to mobile).

  • Multi-Device Scenarios: In cases like desktop to mobile, users can scan the QR code on the desktop screen with their mobile device. Typically, there's no need for a return URL as the desktop browser can pick up the results.

  • How It Works: Generate a QR code for the payload using Xumm. Users scan this QR code with the Xumm app to access and interact with the payload.

User Perspective:

For end users, QR scanning is intuitive and engaging. They scan the QR code with their mobile device and are immediately taken to the payload in the Xumm app. This method is particularly effective in retail environments or when users operate across multiple devices.

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