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Special Transaction Types

In Xumm, you can use all XRPL transaction types when sending a JSON transaction payload. However, some special transaction types are unique to Xumm.
Pseudo Transactions:
  • SignIn Xumm specific, signature only, can never be submitted. When sending a JSON transaction payload, you can use all XRPL transaction types, including a Xumm-specific "pseudo transaction type": SignIn.
    The payload for a SignIn transaction can look like this:
    "txjson": {
    "TransactionType": "SignIn"
    After the user signs your SignIn request, the server-to-server call (to your configured Webhook location) will receive the signed transaction containing the signed transaction HEX blob.
    You can verify the signature using the verify-xrpl-signature package:
  • PaymentChannelAuthorize Is normally a 'Command' or locally signed object. Implemented in Xumm as a TransactionType (which it actually isn't, also: the resulting signed blob can never be submitted to an XRPL node as is). For more information, see: Sample PayChan transactions (gist):​
Note: The SignIn transaction type is particularly useful when you want to authenticate a user without performing any transaction on the XRPL. The PaymentChannelAuthorize transaction type, on the other hand, is useful when you want to authorize a payment channel without submitting a transaction to the XRPL.