selectDestination({ … })

Open the Destination Picker: select/find/scan (QR) an XRPL destination account by r-address, slug or PayString


If you want to request the destination address only, skipping the "Destination Tag" required check & input, you can provide the ignoreDestinationTag param. If not provided (or false) Xumm will chech if the destination account requires a Destination Tag and ask the user to input one.
{ ignoreDestinationTag: boolean }
The ignoreDestinationTag feature is available in Xumm 2.5.0 and higher.


xumm.xapp.selectDestination({ ignoreDestinationTag: false })
xumm.xapp.on('destination', data => {
console.log('Destination', data.destination)


Returns an event: destination. Use on(xAppEvent, fn) to subscribe to the return data.