xAppBuilder 🏗️

Introducing xAppBuilder, an advanced tool specifically designed to streamline the creation and debugging process of xApps for Xumm.

Seamless xApp Emulation

This is where xAppBuilder shines - it seamlessly emulates your xApp directly on your local development environment.

What does this mean for you? Instant, real-time feedback on your code modifications. Every tweak you save in your IDE, you can immediately see its effect on the emulated xApp.

xAppBuilder transforms these challenges into a smooth, manageable process.

Simplified OTT Replay

One Time Tokens (OTTs) and replay tokens can often present challenges, particularly for those new to xApp development.

xAppBuilder assists in addressing this issue by offering an automatic fetching feature for OTT and Replay OTT, reducing development time and allowing developers to concentrate more on enhancing the functionality of their xApp.

Real-Time Debugging

Debugging becomes a breeze with xAppBuilder. How? With live console logs of your xApp, spotting and fixing bugs is a more efficient process.

These real-time logs help you to monitor and understand your xApp's performance and behavior better.

Get Started with xAppBuilder

Ready to level up your xApp development process? xAppBuilder is now live for Linux on the Snapcraft Store, Mac App Store, and Windows Store. Check out the demo video and download the tool today!

For more about xApps and Xumm, visit our Developer Center. Here's to smoother, faster, and more efficient xApp development. Happy building, developers! 🏗️ 🛠️

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