cancel( … )

To cancel a payload, provide a payload UUID (string), a <XummPayload> (by performing a Sdk.payload.get() first) or a <CreatedPayload> (by using the response of a Sdk.payload.create() call). By cancelling an existing payload, the payload will be marked as expired and can no longer be opened by users.

Please note: if a user already opened the payload in XUMM APP, the payload cannot be cancelled: the user may still be resolving the payload in the XUMM App, and should have a chance to complete that process.

A response (generic API types here) looks like:

  result: {
    cancelled: boolean;
    reason: XummCancelReason;
  meta: XummPayloadMeta;
  custom_meta: XummCustomMeta;


async Sdk.payload.cancel (
  payload: string | XummPayload | CreatedPayload,
  returnErrors: boolean = false
): Promise<DeletedPayload | null>

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