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Xumm.backendstore { … }

App Storage ('backendstore') allows you to store a JSON object at the XUMM API platform, containing max 60KB of data.
Your XUMM APP storage is stored at the XUMM API backend, meaning it persists until you overwrite or delete it.
This data is private, and accessible only with your own API credentials. This private JSON data can be used to store credentials / config / bootstrap info / ... for your headless application (eg. POS device).
const storageSet = await{
name: "Wietse",
age: 32,
male: true,
// true
const storageGet = await;
// { name: 'Wietse', age: 32, male: true }
const storageDelete = await;
// true
const storageGetAfterDelete = await;
// null