Payload Delivery

Payload delivery in Xumm is a crucial step in the transaction lifecycle. It involves delivering the payload to the user for signing.

What is a Payload?

In Xumm, a payload is a sign request sent by applications or developers to users for interaction. Users review the payload and decide to reject or accept by signing.

Delivery Methods

Xumm offers various payload delivery methods:

  • Deep Linking: Open the Xumm app with the payload already loaded.

  • QR Code Scanning: Users scan a QR code to access the payload.

  • Push Notifications: Send payloads as push notifications.

Status Updates

After delivering a payload, tracking its status is vital to know whether the user has interacted with it. Xumm provides mechanisms for obtaining notifications and results of payload interactions. You can learn more about this in the Status updates section.

Moving Forward

Now that you have an overview of what payload delivery entails in Xumm, you can delve into the specifics of each delivery method.

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