Implementation checklist

This article presents a concise implementation checklist for developers using Xumm. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and secure integration whilst optimizing the user experience.

  1. Fetch Payload Results: Trigger your application to fetch payload results after receiving a Webhook callback.

  2. Inspect Payload Output: Confirm meta.resolved and meta.signed are both true in the payload output.

  3. Identify Dispatched Node Type: Ensure response.dispatched_nodetype is "MAINNET" for real payments.

  4. Validate Transaction ID: Validate the response.txid value on the ledger.

  5. Examine Delivered Amount: Confirm the meta.delivered_amount equals the expected payment amount.

  6. Use xrpl-txdata Package: Establish a connection to the XRP Ledger, fetch the transaction by hash, and cross-verify transaction details with the XRPL ledger.

  1. Network Independence: Use the Xumm API/SDK, which operates independently of the network, to allow users the freedom of network choice.

  2. Network Information: Ensure the results of a signed payload include the network the user was on during the signing.

  3. Forced Network Identifier: Check for the expected result in the Payload results or specify a particular network using a forced network identifier in a payload.

  4. OTT Data: Utilize xApp OTT data, including network information, to better manage transactions.

  5. When linking to Transaction Details using a Transaction Explorer, consider using our helper tooling: Tx Explorer(s)

  1. Secure Your Webhooks: Implement appropriate security measures.

  2. Verify Payloads: Authenticate received payloads.

  3. Error Handling: Develop robust error management mechanisms.

  1. xApp Creation & Audit: Anyone can create sandbox xApps, but public release requires an audit by XRPL Labs for user safety, compliance, and value addition.

  2. User Experience: xApps must be self-explanatory, prevent dangerous mistakes, and provide a unique experience tailored to Xumm users.

  3. Technical & Styling Standards: xApps must meet Xumm's technical guidelines and respect or have unique styling.

  4. Transparency & Support: Developers cannot be anonymous and must provide a clear support workflow, terms & conditions, and a privacy statement.

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