When using the native Xumm loader screen for your xApp (until your xApp is ready, fully hydrated, booted, etc.) you call this method to remove the Xumm loading screen.

This feature is available in Xumm 2.5.0 and higher.

To prevent showing a double loader (first the Xumm xApp loader, then your xApp's loader while hydrating / booting) you have to enable the "Xumm loader till SDK ready() is called" option in the Xumm Developer Console (xApp tab). The xApp will then show the Xumm native loader, until your application calls the ready() method on the Xumm SDK.


First your app loads, fetches, etc. Then you have all the information you need to render & show your app, and you call:


Exception flows

  1. The xApp doesn't load, to be able to debug the app needs to be displayed (e.g. reverse proxy 502 error or some other app error, preventing the SDK's ready() call being made). With Xumm in Developer Mode, the Xumm loading screen shows a 'Proceed to xApp' button at the Xumm loader screen, below the spinner. This way you can dismiss the Xumm loader and view the underlying problem.

  2. The xApp takes very long to load or doesn't load at all: users are confronted with a long wait. If the ready() method in the Xumm SDK isn't called within ~6 seconds a label + button is made visible: "xApp is slow to respond..." [Contact Developer]. This button then opens the Support URL for the xApp as entered in the Developer Console.

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