Deep Linking

Deep linking in Xumm enables developers to provide a seamless user experience by swiftly guiding users to interact with payloads.

Deep Links are a well known flow to allow users to automatically launch and open another app in a specific state. Xumm allows for a Deep Link workflow, where your application (browser based or native) can trigger Xumm to open and immediately show your sign request.

Benefits of Deep Linking:

  • When to Use: Opt for deep linking when you want to minimize user steps and create a fluid transition between your app and Xumm.

  • Device Compatibility: Deep linking works when the origin (your app or browser) and Xumm are on the same device (iOS/Android).

  • Link Creation: Generate a deep link that opens Xumm with the payload ready for interaction, making interactions more seamless while keeping users engaged.

  • Return URL: Set a return URL in the payload to redirect users back to your app or browser post-interaction, maintaining a smooth flow.

Note for Web Origins:

For web origins, users return to the default browser, not necessarily the original tab. In order to make this smooth, handle session restoration to ensure continuity.

User Perspective:

For end users, deep linking is a breeze. They tap a link, interact with the payload in Xumm, and return to your app effortlessly.

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